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What is Branded Entertainment?

Essentially, Branded Entertainment is entertainment content created from (not around or about) a brand, but from its NDA. In order to reflect its values, identity, personality and/or positioning.


Branded Entertainment must be able to compete for customer's attention against other available forms of entertainment. It must be relevant enough, perceived as a better experience,  as to be chosen by consumers in spite of other existing entertainment alternatives.


It is a mid and long term brand building tool, although it may also aim at short term to brand objectives (awareness, trust, brand preference,…). It may adopt diverse entertainment shapes and use different platforms, although most usual ones are audiovisual format and both Internet and television platforms.


Branded Entertainment may be absolutely brand free. At the same time, it may vehicle brand/product (of its own or third party ones) placement, as any other entertainment product. 


Designing Entertainment business opportunities for the Global Spanish Market (Spain, Hispanic US and Latin America). 


New ideas for Film, TV, Theater and Music Industry reaching 500 million Spanish speaking audiences. 


Exploiting a productive entertainment business and

creating a competitive vehicles for major

brands and products. 

Developing Sustainable Entertainment Content
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