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What is PONOS?

PONOS celebrates WORK through a contemporary dance choreography performed by the team members of a company within their own work space.

This artistic performance is filmed in order to produce content that will be distributed online through own and earned media.

The whole dance experience involves a Team Building Process, turning the group of employees into a cohesive team.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-01 a las 20.

Branded Content

Ponos storytelling has the purpose to share with an online target audience, the deep commitment of the brand to their employees and  present how the team members strive to live up to the expectations and successfully accomplish the assigned task through an artistic expression. 


The artistic director Anima May creates a 5 minute dance choreography based on the results of the exploration of movement and emotion originated at the daily work of the employees of a company.

Team Building

PONOS is an effort towards making the working team perform more effectively, with the productivity as the main focus and MOVEMENT as the bridge to obtain it.


It is a matter of fact that an effective team can produce higher results and productivity than employees working by themselves.

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Dance Video

Ponos is a 5 minute contemporary dance video performed by your employees at their workspace.



Ponos is a 15 min. short film documentary distributed to international film festivals.


Social Media

Ponos is a compelling social media campaign that distributes the created content generated by the experience.

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Alejandro Marcos

Film Director

Producer and director for the choreography video and the documentary short film.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-02 a las 10.

Anima May

Artistic Director

Conceives the dance choreography controlling all aesthetic details of the production and prepares the performers.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-02 a las 10.

Astrid Schrader

Team Building

Carries on the team building process, helping the team members through the experience.

PONOS is Branded Content

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