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Most renowned marketing gurus agree in the fact that modern marketing is dead.  Consumer is empowered as never before. He is in control.


Postmodern consumer seeks to establish relationships with brands which provide him with positive experiences and value added, playing an active role in its creation.  They want to establish a transparent and fluid dialogue with them, not be pushed by their messages.


No more push communication, in which messages are imposed  in an intrusive way; it is time for pull communications, in which consumer decides whether or not to access to brand messages.  Brand communications will pivot around content creation and distribution, so relevant for the customer as him to decide to access to it.


Consumers are growing intolerant  to irrelevant  or not desired brand messages.  Relevance is the key factor to get customer attention.  A message is relevant when adds value, under the form of information, education or entertainment.

Branda specializes in:

Developing innovative business models in content creation, production and/or distribution industries.


Creating, producing and distributing Branded Content strategies and actions, particularly Branded Entertainment.

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