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Leading Team

The Branda Entertainment leadership team, boasting over 15 years of specialized expertise, operates at the forefront of the entertainment industry, revolutionizing brand storytelling in two dynamic arenas: Film Content and Live Shows. This seasoned group of strategists and creatives has a proven track record of guiding major brands to monetize their brand equity by transforming it into a thriving entertainment business.

Through this model, intellectual property doesn't just support the brand; it becomes a self-financing entity, bolstering the brand’s market presence while generating funds for communication and advertising. Branda’s philosophy is rooted in a singular, unyielding principle: the content must remain advertising-free, ensuring the purity of the narrative and integrity of the audience experience. This approach has consistently empowered brands to cut through the noise, commanding attention and respect in a cluttered marketplace by offering authentic, engaging entertainment experiences.

Alejandro, a creative entrepreneur, filmmaker, and producer from Mexico City, boasts international experience in advertising and content industries. Specializing in Branded Entertainment for fifteen years, he’s a founder and leader at BRANDA, CEO at DealCo, President of BFree Studios, and Executive Producer at Films Come True. He’s a recognized artist with international awards in cinema and photography, holding degrees in Graphic Design and Fine Arts in Film & TV from the Ibero-American University and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, respectively.

Alejandro Marcos
Branda Entertainment

President & CEO

Martín is an Award-winning Spanish film director and Producer, an acclaimed Spanish director-producer, earned a Goya nomination and Melies d'Or for "Voice Over." His 2018 romantic comedy, "Remember Me," featured Bruce Dern and Brian Cox, with Universal's global release in 2020. Rosete's first feature, the thriller "Money," with a star-studded cast, was launched worldwide by 20th Century Fox in 2017. Educated in Madrid, trained in Cuba, and further honed at NYU, his expertise extends to shorts and commercials, marked by Variety as a significant Spanish director. He's an alum of Berlinale Talent Campus.

BFilms Division

VP of Content & Film Development

Daniel, an award-winning Madrid-born entrepreneur and filmmaker, expanded his horizons in NYC since 2013. He established Nomada Films, producing features, shorts, commercials, and series. His portfolio includes collaborations with Banco Santander and Vodafone, and directing credits for "Session," "Queen of Tapas," and "Este Amor Es De Otro Planeta." His latest work, "The Nomad," showcases his global versatility and creative acumen in the industry.

Daniel Diosdado
BFilms Division

VP of Content & Film Production

Anima May, a Swiss-Italian creative entrepreneur and stage artist, specializes in contemporary dance and acting. Educated at Codarts Rotterdam, she's produced original works and founded MOOV, offering intuitive dance training, in Madrid. As CCO of JustBee, a wellness coworking space, and producer/star of the romantic comedy "Together," Anima unites financial success with artistic creation, raising awareness on societal issues. Her leadership and innovation inspire others to pursue their passions and make a positive impact.

Anima May
BScene Division

VP & Artistic Director - Music Development

Elena, a Spanish creative entrepreneur, excels in producing contemporary dance projects. With degrees in Audiovisual Production and Dance from IPFMadrid and Rambert School, plus Choreography from CSDMA, she's toured award-winning works across Spain. Elena directs and produces for elite dancers, blending visionary creativity with insightful innovation to elevate the entertainment industry through artistic excellence and business acumen.

Elena Puchol
BScene Division

VP & Artistic Director- Music Production

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